NGD Countdown to Ian Anderson Standard


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Why not just fade it in the sun to lighten it up?

If done properly, it's my understanding (been thru this before) that you're going to get set back months.

He's not going to do that in a night.

You being happy is what matters but understand you're probably in for another 6 month ride if I had to bet on it.


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He can't over spray to a lighter finish, which is what I want, So it will have to be a new finish. It was just a simple tomayto/tomato (weird thing to write out) misunderstanding. Not a big deal.

I'm just trying to understand how a guy strips a finish off; shoots a new finish; let's the new finish cure properly; buffs it out; applies the lacquer over the finish; let's it properly cure; buffs it out; etc. -- in one night?

Somehow I cannot envision cats like Michael Stevens, Terry McInturff, Scott Lentz, etc. being able to pull that off -- assuming the finish will be properly applied, cured, buffed, etc.?

I may be way off the mark, but I always thought there was some sort of a process involved with finishing a guitar.


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It depends on the finish chemistry. You can 100% apply a UV cured finish and buff it out in a day AFAIK. A nitrocellulose lacquer finish will take much longer.

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Oh look! This is a thing I can change!
Ian has assured me that I will have my guitar well in time for the Holidays. He didn't say what holiday or what year but I'll go and assume he meant Christmas 2017.

This seems seriously unlikely if he's spraying a new finish. Perhaps he's using a fast-curing urethane lacquer though.


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Hi guys,
Quick update. It took longer than I would have liked but the color is on the body and the binding scraped. Now the long wait for the clear coat. I love nitro but it sure is a pain to wait for it. Because of this setback in the top color. It's going to take longer but I do feel we've made good progress and Ian's communication has been very timely. At this point, it's going to be more like the end of the year.


Unless its a dopple-ganger it appears Ian has time to peruse the forum. He's liked a post by a new fella called neecy on the Echopark thread. Probably posting while he gets your next coat of lacquer on...

Ironically he liked a post relating to his own circumstances as a builder with someone trying to defend the other builder. You know the old story: builder keeping a customer(s) waiting over their delivery time - 5 years in Ian's case. Poor customer service. Communcations go silent. yada yada You'd think he was the victim and life was unjust...

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