NGD - Custom Suhr - Complete Review + Pics


Alrighty boys and girls, here is my review of my brand spankin new Custom Suhr Standard.

First off, this guitar is based on a few of my favorite guitars, and has a few things i like added to it. Its roughly a copy of a Richie Blackmore, Joe Stump, Jame E. Lee guitar.

So firstly, here is the spec sheet, saves me the time of writing it all out.


Now some pictures of her :D


Like the guitar strap that i made out of an old pair of jeans? It is the exact length i use, so it doesnt need to be adjusted, and the button hole fits perfect over the strap button!


thats a Joe Stump pick i got at one of his concerts when i was a kid, i held onto it for years, and figured id pay homage to one of my mentors, and favorite musicians. I would have never thought in a million years that we would be getting beers together down the road, and id get private lessons with him ever week for years!


Ok now for the review.

The neck is the perfect shape, Just nice and easy to play, and the stainless frets are the best, as usual. super smooth to play. Also the grain is great, pin straight, and feels very very strong. The laser etched logo looks great, and i like it alot more than the silkscreen.

The setup was almost perfect out of the box, but shipping to cold Boston made some buzzing, so just a little neck adjustment and its just as easy to play as my Parkers, which is really really something. ive always wanted this, and is just perfect.

The color is great, and the body is nice and light, i think the guitar is probably no more than 7 pounds total. The trem is a little stiffer than what i am used to, but that is easy enough to adjust. The back route is also super clutch because i like the bridge to sit flat, i always hated the strats that float the bridge without the cutout.

I also got a 2nd pickguard and switch for a SSS setup, and i got a V60LP bridge pickup. I really love the aldrich humbucker though! its really a great axe, one of the best ive ever played, heard. I will also try a joe barden bridge pickup and see what i like most and keep that in there.

The tone:

holy christ on a cracker, just the best single coil tone ive ever heard. Really what i look for in a strat, clear highs that arent harsh or brittle, lows that arent weak, muddy, flubby, or overpowering. Just enough mids, but then switch the midboost on my Two Rock and its just FAT! The FLs actually arent even overpowered by the outrageous Aldrich humbucker. its a great setup for high gain playing that i like to do, and due to the backplate, the noise is hushed. Humbucker is dead quiet, and its really just perfect all around, i could not be happier. I want to see how the bridge single coil wil handle the high gain and see if it can do the really thick chunk i look for. Also the series parallel pushbutton really works well. Great singleish tone in the bridge position, although its not 100% single sounding. Ive also been on the hunt for a high gain amp recently, and i played it through a Marshall JVM, and holy **** it really rocks. This is a true mans axe, i dont even miss the extra 2 frets, since i am used to 24 fretters. I may also try some bent steel saddles, as im not sure what the sonic difference may be. Also curious about the titanium saddles/block, but thats another day and another dollar. I will most likely get a tele and a modern 7 string from John down the line, although im scratchin for cash now. I have also breifly spoke to John about an OD handwired, something that gets me the High gain tone i so desperately look for.

I would like to publicly thank John, Neil, Ed, Mike, and all the Suhr guys for really being a great company with the worlds best customer service, and attention to detail. Really made the experience great, and it was worth the time. Money well spent? I think so!


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nice guitar! i love the routing for the trem, i wish i had that on my pro, for the same reason, bridge flat but you can still uptrem. just curious, what do you think of your parkers now, and i ask that as a former owner of many parkers.


Thanks for the kind words guys!

Love the stainless frets, ill never get a guitar without them now, after owning Parkers and now this guitar, it just isnt really an option to me. The playability is increased 1000 fold with stainless frets, and the sound is not affected (to me atleast) or sounds better because of them.

I still love my parkers, and i will always keep the blue one because its been my main guitar for about 6-7 years, i think i need to play this guitar live to decide if it can replace my number one. I think i will be pleasantly surprised.

This guitar is just different from everything i own at the moment, and its really my first good strat. Ive always owned guitars with humbuckers, and its really peaking my interest in single coils and how they can play the music i love just as well, without struggling.


I actually put in the V60LP today, called John and he helped me out with a couple of things having to do with the backplate.

The super 5 way switch made me scratch my head a few times, but it worked first try so im good. I tagged the silent wires to the grounds of the pickups, and it all seems to work very well. its a little noisy with high gain, but it sounds way good. I really like the bridge single coil. Great axe all around.

Very ballsy tone, im very happy, and very excited, i have some playing dates coming up and i will give it a run for its money!

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