NGD! Danelectro content!


I recently picked up a 90's DC 59. To my knowledge, the finish is pretty hard to find on this model now a days. I actually got the guitar a few weeks ago, but I wanted to gig with it a few times before writing about how I like/dislike it.

First off, it sounds really good. My favorite position is the middle. Quite punchy, yet warm. It is a very fun guitar to play. However it doesn't stay in tune as well as my other guitars. It has a very unique sound and feel but I enjoy it alot. I'm still deciding on if I'm going to keep it, but if I end up keeping it, it's probably going to stay in an alternate tuning.



I got one like that off Craigs a few years back

I put a cheap hardtail bridge on for the road / better intonation ....curse of the reissue Danos, the metal they used for the bridge tendes to cave in the middle
I got 50+ year old Danelectros with no such stuff in the 60s was made better than cheap stuff in the 90s that's for sure

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