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NGD Danocaster Robben Ford Tribute


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I first heard of Dan Strain a few years ago and it got me somewhat curious of what exactly he was doing that others weren't already doing. I knew from friends and friends of friends that the quality of his instruments was impecable and the parts in the were top notch as well. Dan was not just selling relics, Dan was selling guitars that really looked and felt like instruments from the 50's and 60's. The detail is amazing and only surpassed by the bell-like tone, feel and overall vibe of the instruments he makes. From jazz players to rockers, many of them very prominent, Dan's guitars are the real Mc Coy. Just read "Guitar Players" recent article of Danocaster guitars from last December. I've just received my Robben Ford tribute Tele and it looks, plays,sounds, and feels amazing! Here are some pics and at the bottom is a pic from Robben's real guitar.

Specs: Wood- 2 piece Alder
Radius- 9.5"
Frets- 6125
Pickups- Peter Florance/Voodoo TE-60 Bl
Saddles- Steel
Neck- Medium "C"
Finish- Nicotine Blonde
Weight- 6.8 Lbs


Robben Ford's actual guitar
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For $2,400 bucks (w/shipping) and a 3 month wait you get a guitar as good or better than any Fender Custom Shop with top of the line parts and incredible tone, playability, and feel. Trust me, I've had at least 6 CS guitars in the last 30 yrs, this is as good as I've seen.

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I also have an RF Dano T. 6lb 8oz, Voodoo TE pups.




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Nash fans need to look at this! Relics can look real, they needn't look like a mad two year old attacked your guitar with a belt sander.
Very nice .
Hmmm....didn't know SRV, Sayce, etc took belt sander to there guitars.


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no posting of replicas? how come this is not considered replica. of a fender guitar..
Because it doesn't say fender on the headstock and it doesn't have the tele headstock shape.

There's a difference between a T style guitar and a replica of a telecaster


Super awesome guitar - I love the color.

My Dano is the best feeling guitar I've ever played. Simply outstanding!


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Super cool looking Dano! Im surprised Dan mimiced the original wear that much. Never seen Dan do that before, especially the finger wear under the the bridge. Had 4 Danos pass through me. Have 2 right now. But they were all fantastic guitars. Between the acoustic resonance, and Dan's neck shapes and finish, they just feel like an extension of your body. As far as F-type guitars, I wont buy anything else.

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