Ngd: Eastman Ar403ce


My first "jazz box". Looks just like the one pictured here...

What a terrific guitar for the price. I've had ES-335s and currently own one. But I have never had a guitar specifically designed and made for jazz. I love it already. It was set up very well as received and all I did was tune it up and go. Very articulate. Plays evenly across the whole fretboard. Sounds very nice just acoustically and the pickup is very good when plugged in. I initially ran it through a Vibrolux rig on my Kemper. A little bright on the tone from the laminated maple construction but that is easily adjusted with the tone control and/amp settings. I could not be more pleased with it. The craftsmanship is very nice and the look is terrific.


Excellent, congrats. You can play jazz on anything but a "jazz box" makes it more fun some how. I have a few Eastman acoustics that I found used and I'm a fan of the brand.

The last one I bought, an Eastman AC722ce, I met the seller at a GC acoustic room and we compared the similarly spec'd Taylor model and the Eastman (with year old strings) easily sounded better acoustically. The Taylor was more of a piece of art (inlays etc) but was also more than 3x the price new. I was kind of shocked.

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