NGD! Eastwood GP


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This is my $270 Score today! I have been wanting one of these for a while now and I am happy camper! Its an Eastwood Ultra GP, and while its an import i have to say its a good guitar, and its about as close as i am going to get to a Baker RF or Fire model... Its the Mahogany/Maple set neck with a rosewood board, and it sounds pretty good if i do say so myself. Construction is not bad at all. i got it used so there are some minor scuffs, but nothing to get in a huff about. Neck is a little thin, but appears to be one piece of wood. Body is a 2 piece and overall feels very solid. Sound is quite nice, the pickups sure are funny looking but sound great with some OD. The neck PUP is really nice! Sound is somewhere between a LP and SG type. My only complaints are that pots are not full size, but easily remedied. Some minor buzzing and that's really it. With a setup, strings and a good cleaning this thing is going to rock!

Gotta love new cheap guitar days!!!




Thx for the photos!
I think the pickups look great on this guitar, Killer deal, enjoy!

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