NGD Fist Tele!


Hello to all. Fist I have to say that I´ve been playing guitar for a few decades now but for reasons I can explain I´ve never owned a tele.

I guess it has something to do with my musical taste... I started with classic rock / hard rock and been depeloping fom there into a more bluesy taste, even when I still love and play rock music.

My first "real" guitar was an Ibanez RG570 (I just wanted something close to satch axe)... I then bought a MIA strat, an Epiphone LP, I then traded some gear for a PRS Santana SE and fell in love with a PRS Zach Myers SE that I aquired last year.

It was supposed (so I tell the wife) to stop there.... but I just can´t stop. After listening a lot of Ritchie Kotzen / Winery Dogs I started to lust after a tele... read some reviews, listened to some "tele music" and here I am .... my first tele!!!

I eventually decided to buy a used 2014 MIM FSR Ash tele.

So I have to let you know my first impressions:

1-the guitar is beautiful. The only thing that I feel is a shame is that I know that it always gonna be that beatiful... I dont think is possible to naturally relic this one.

2-the fret work is excelent. Much better than my MIA strat when I bought it new.

3-the neck is comfortable. It was absolutle straigh but the truss rod is very responsive and a light turn give it just the perfect amount of relief

4-I adjusted intonation and for now I thnk is ok. The gitar play chords relatively in tune in very part of the neck.

5-I put Daddario´s 10´s. Its a little stiffier than my strat (I assume the tremolo helps here) but is ok.

6-I really like the single coils. All my other guitars are humbucker equiped (even the strat as I put some dimarzios there). Strumming chords is great and solos sing very nice.

7-the single coils are a bit noisy with gain... I have to take it to practice/gigs and see how they behave. I really want to kkep this one as a single coil guitar.

8-While setting the guitar up the B string strated to buzz on every fret. After extensive looking I notice that the string was "caught" on the saddle height hole. An esay fix, but I´m wondering if this string slipping is common.

Here are some pics:



One with the rest of the caddle:



Awesome Tele! That's the quintessential Tele right there!

When I saw the thread I was expecting something like this:


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