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    Feb 27, 2008

    This is an Musikraft/MJT build that's been in the works since May. At first glance, it just appears as a mid-60s pattern Tele with a matching headstock! And it basically is, except for one major thing:


    A rosewood neck from Musikraft! That's actually why I had the headstock sprayed with a matching finish: this way, I can have a rosewood neck, but it still appears traditional / 1965 spec from the front.

    Body: MJT alder, greener-than-surf-green finish, heavy "broken glass" style checkering

    Neck: Musikraft rosewood with mid-60s specs (narrow dot spacing, MOP inlays, veneer fretboard, 7.25" radius and 1-5/8" nut spacing), 6105 stainless frets

    Custom decal: It's a copy, but it's not a forgery!

    Hardware: Glendale Groovy 60s saddles on a Fender 60s style bridge plate, Gotoh SD91 MG-T locking tuners, Schaller strap locks, all else is Fender
    Electronics: DiMarzio Area T pickups, ToneMan harness

    Anyway, it's awesome. Weighs in at 6.93 lbs, and my tech did a really nice setup on it. I left the rosewood neck unfinished and it feels absolutely amazing. Still getting used to these pickups but I think they were a great choice. The neck in particular is just gorgeous.
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