NGD: Hyostar D-45 knock-off


Just bought this Korean-made Martin D45 copy for cheap and thought I'd share some pics and info. I had trouble finding much info on this brand when it popped up on eBay so I thought I'd share my findings and thoughts for anyone who might stumble across one in the future.

It's all plywood, including the top, and though the back and sides look a bit like Brazilian Rosewood, they're almost certainly Jakaranda, like most other Martin copies from Asia. This one's got a big fat V-shaped neck, very much like a vintage Martin. Blank headstock, oddly enough, which looks a touch too big. Plays reasonably well and sounds about as good as an all plywood guitar can, which is to say not great, but it's a decent beater to have around the house for the $100 I paid for it. Abalone inlays are plastic and not inlayed all that well, but don't really cause issues when fretting notes.


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