NGD - Ibanez AM93


I decided to reward myself for some hard work, and picked this up the other day. These are the original models of small semi-hollow guitars, brought out in the early '80s. This particular model has been out for a little over a year, and was the return of nice tops and finishes to the line.

It's got a nice, chunky three piece neck, and the Super 58 Custom pickups, which sound warm and full, with a great bite/bark when I dig in.

I put on some EB power slinkys..11 - 48...and played it for the Oktoberfest held in Longmont last Saturday night for several hundred rowdy drinkers, and it performed flawlessly. I don't have a camera, but there are tons of photos of them online...just google AM93AYS. Mine has a subtle, cloud pattern to the quilt.

Good times.

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