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NGD: Inca Silver Tyler Esquire with Bacon (bunch of new pics)


Either U Know Or U Don't
Silver Supporting Member
My main guitar for the past 6+ years has been a Tyler SE with a Floyd. Jim had not been building many Floyd guitars at the time but I pestered Jim for quite awhile until he finally relented.

Since acquiring my first Tyler, I have been jonesing for a James Tyler Tylerbastar. Jim had long discontinued them but every time I saw him or spoke to him I begged him to build me one.

Not sure if it was my incessant whining or the great demand, but JFT has begun building the Tylerbastars again! He had sent me a couple of pics of his personal Tyler Esquire when they were in development and I had to have one similar.

Here is my dream Esquire in all its glory:

Alder body
Maple neck, 6100's
Glendale bridge
Single T pickup BACON!!

And the man himself putting it thru it's paces.

Can hardly wait to gig this bad boy!

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Gold Supporting Member
That is a sweet Tele. I had an Inca Silver Fender Tele that I regret selling. I picked up a Blizzard Pearl though and threw a bucker in the neck. The only thing about Tylers I don't like is the head stock. I know you have to carve your own path so to speak, but I just don't like that shape. Rest of the guitar looks sweet.

Goo Fighters

Beauty, man! I've got a K-Line Strat in Inca silver. It's a really cool colour. I believe it first appeared on the '57 Chevy IIRC.


Silver Supporting Member
That's a killer guitar Matt, vintage vibe with the modern Tyler touch.
Enjoy it!

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