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NGD Jackson SL2QM


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I have been in the market for a pure - no apologies whatsoever- shred guitar

Must have - Floyd Rose, Super Strat style, look "metal", have a "shred neck", hot but not active pickups

I could not care less if it's made in Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, Korea or US...

had to be at least 15% below FMV

well, after looking at a few hundred guitars I found the right guitar for the right price

I adore this guitar. Great neck (a Jackson selling point), really meaty sounding, REAL Floyd Rose (none of that "licensed by " stuff... which means better quality metal)

As much as it sounds and plays great for metal, it actually sounds great - sparkly and warm , when clean which is an added bonus. Really sounds fantastic with just a little reverb and nothing else.

One glaring manufacturing error - the High E is way too close to the edge of the fretboard.

I managed to play for two hours without slipping off, once I adjusted my style, but it's simply unacceptable

I didn't return it - because it was clearly visible in the pictures and that's my lack of due diligence.

I will fix it - it will be a minor PITA but moving it in a millimeter isn't that difficult, so it's a done deal when I set some time aside.

this is an indonesian made, and I know some people think only the Jackson USA's are worth it, others like the MIJ's. Some say the new MIM Dinkys are sweet (made in same factory as MIM Fenders and those dudes know their bolt on neck strats).

The workmanship is fantastic - except for the error with the high E placement. It's just a ridiculous flaw and I did a little research and it's not unheard of.

Clearly, at least the Indonesian factory may make great guitars (it is great) but their quality control is craptastic. Maybe they stole a bunch of people from Gibson :) (i keeeeeed I keeeed)

Anyways, I love it, but annoyed I have to "fix it" for it to be PERFECT.

Believe it or not, it's NOT that the strings (as a whole) are too wide, or that they are skewed towards the high E (off center due to FR and/or locking nut placement), the SPACE between the HIGH E and the B is greater than between the other strings .

That's ABSURD.

Again - fixable and great guitar and MY fault for not noticing it in the pictures.


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