NGD: Jazzmaster Mojo


Picked up this used Fender Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster a lil while ago after GASsing hard for an offset for a long time. I went into GC and played every offset they had, but there was something a little off about the 6 or 7 i tried. This was used in Delaware, and I pulled the trigger, crossed my fingers, and waited for it to ship to chicago.

I originally wasn't really hyped about the color from pics i'd seen online but it's growing on me, especially in good light the color really pops with a lot of flake (which I attempted to capture). I love the bound board with the matching headstock and blocks. '65 AVRI pups sound good...though being the tinkerer I am, I'm sure some lollars will end up in it before too long.

I love the toggle switch too, better than the standard plastic block for sure.

They say it's all american parts assembled in mexico, and it feels a step above a standard MiM for sure. I'm looking forward to firing her up at practice soon enough. For now, the GAS has been quenched!

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