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NGD: Johnny Marr Jaguar


Got myself another Marr Jaguar.
A few weeks ago a guitar come up for sale, and the only guitar that the seller would entertain was my Marr Jaguar. It was my main gigger, and starting to show. I wasn't overly keen on the trade, however I already have a Sherwood Marrguar that I intended on keeping as a case queen that I thought I could start using to replace the white one.

Well, I couldn't do it. I kept a look out for Marr Jags for sale when this one came up. It already had the spitfire tort guard on it which I've always loved, so sorted out a deal and its arrived. I've did my usual and swap out the bridge for a genuine Staytrem bridge (these are essential for offsets), and I'm extremely happy. Plays better than my old one, is 2 years younger, has barely been touched as opposed to my worn Marr, and paid no more than what my Marr was valued in the trade. Good deal all round.


And the two together



Senior Member
Sweet, congrats! This is the only Fender that gives me GAS!



Awesome. Where can I try one in Massachusetts? Driving me crazy as I've tried everywhere? Help would be appreciated.
I grew up listening to Johnny Marr on Smiths records (well, CDs - the first CD that I ever owned was Meat Is Murder). I had the pleasure of seeing him on tour earlier this year. Now you've just done a phenomenal job of igniting my gearlust. This despite just buying a MIM used Jaguar for a very reasonable sum.


Silver Supporting Member
Guitars with single coils in the bridge position just don't do it for me... however, the Marr Jaguar has been on my gear lust gas list since it was released... I WILL own one of these one day. Preferably a Sherwood Green. Love that color.

Spitfire guard looks great on the white one.
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Anhedonic Misanthrope
Gold Supporting Member
So jealous of that sherwood. I just got my Marr jag (my first fender) in KO the other week such a great guitar.

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