NGD Odd Duck - Lord of the Blues

Occasionally I browse online auction sites looking for new gear and I came across an interesting guitar. Let me first say I love the look and sound of strats, but I don't like vibrato systems unless it's a Kahler. While browsing I spotting a weird looking strat. It was a hardtail! At first I thought it was a cheap knock-off but upon closer inspection it looked to be homemade. It had it's rough spots but no well loved guitar doesn't and I had a good feeling about it. I waited until the auction ended and won the guitar for $150 shipped.

A few days passes and the guitar arrived at my doorstep. Upon opening the box I discovered the guitar was definitely homemade but whoever built it did a good job. The fretwork is great even though the frets are low, the body looks like oak, it has a rosewood fretboard, and I could not identify the neck wood. Grover tuners and the saddles are stamped and say 'Fender' though the bridge plate doesn't look to be Fender.

Then it gets odd. There's a first fret maker and not all the fret dots are even but I think that just adds character. And the neckplate is really strange, it looks like copper but I'm not sure. And the pickguard is homemade as well but I don't think by the same person that made the guitar. It's not as nicely made and someone rerouted the guitar from HSS to a swimming pool route with something that looks like clay on the hole for the pickguard. Additionally the ground wires are just pieces of copper, and there's a stamped production number in the body though it's clearly handmade.

The guitar did not play at first (probably why it was sold) so I opened it up and was greeted by a Guitarforce Lord of the Blues neck pickup. After rewiring the guitar with a new switch and fixing the old wiring I got to play. The LotB is a fantastic pickup! 7.3k and A4 magnets sound amazing! It nails AC/DC in series and gets a good single coil-esque in parallel. My plan this guitar is to get an HSS pickguard with two Rumplestiltskin single coils. Here's the guitar:


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