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    Apr 16, 2014
    So, in a musical family one would expect the children to want to play instruments as well. My 8 year old has an acoustic and she is now working on chords shapes and strumming patterns. We are primarily acoustic people but have quite a bit of electric influence. My 5 year old loves, loves, loves electric music. Did I mention loves? Yesterday we bought her a Strat (which my dad plays...who she idolizes). One of the Squier 3/4's that has all the appointments of a standard size, and pink. Originally I thought that "No way, I won't buy a pink guitar." I never believed in "boys" or "girls" guitars. However, that's what she wanted, and we all know that if you have an instrument you aren't attracted to, it won't get played.

    Well we get home last night, I showed her how to hook up to a little Fender Frontman, showed her the knobs and what they do, and she was off. After an hour of strumming open, she discovered the gain switch. Fourty minutes after that she stopped, complaining of something hurting her thumb. Guess what...she had a blister. My 5 year old played long enough her first night to get a blister. I was so proud.:banana I explained that blisters happen to everyone. Either work through it or use a pick for that hand. She is now using a pick for the time being.

    My wife told me this morning that the first thing she did was pick it up and start playing again. It is a very cool experience to watch your kids eyes come alive when they strum across the strings.

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