NGD - PRS Content 07-04-2022


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NGD - Happy 4th of July everybody and Happy Birthday USA. I love this country!

Came in last week and she is awesome.

2006 PRS Custom 22
Wide/Thin neck
Vig Custom Pickups

I almost did not buy this guitar. The fact the PRS pups were taken out was almost a deal breaker. But, the original Dragon pups were included so my initial thought was...when it comes in I will make her original again. After AB, AB, AB with the VIG pups with my other PRS guitars with original pups, for about an hour. I decided, what the hell why not. I would never do this to a PRS but since it was already done by someone else, I'll just leave it. The Vigs have a slight roll off on the top end and are a tad bit smoother and mellower than my other PRS guitars. I figure for the sake of a wider tonal pallet I'll let the Vigs stay in for now. After all I have the option of the Dragons later on if I decide to change them. Man, what can I say about Wide/Thin necks, I love them. Since CU 22 usually have a Wide/Fat neck I decided she is different enough from the norm to take the plunge, so I did. She has a beautiful top but she is not a 10 but WOW she is beautiful.

I almost forgot, she is the lightest weight wise PRS I have ever owned. I need to weigh her.





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They’re incredible guitars. I have a 93 version…. Just love it……


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Beauty! Congrats!

I'm on the lookout for a Custom 22 but with a wide fat and preferably a trem.

Sean French

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Vintage looking top, beautiful burst and reverse zebra coils. :aok :dude
Happy NGD and happy Independence Day. :beer

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