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NGD PRS S2 Standard 22

Pauly B

Silver Supporting Member
I was looking for a Gibson SG Standard, but Gibson's new necks and Gforce crap really turned me off. I've never owned a PRS guitar before and really had never played one. I took a chance and ordered a Standard 22. The first one that came unfortunately had a microphonic pickup and went back. I've had the new one for several days and I've had a chance to form an impression.

First the fit and finish are flawless and I'm picky on a new instrument. I really can't find a single thing to pick at. The inlays are tight and nice, the rosewood board is dark and very smooth (hello Gibson) and I like the neck. It's thinner than I thought it would be but very playable. After a light set up the guitar is intonated beautifully. In tune with itself all the way up the neck. How refreshing. I also really like the locking tuners.

Sound wise I would say the neck pickup really shines. It's got a different sound than a Gibson and I'm still dialing in my amp to get it right. The push pull single coil sounds are ok, but that is what my Tele is for. Overall it plays like butter and I'm pretty happy. I wish I could have gotten a case for $1300 but oh well. I'll find a case for it soon. It is very similar to an SG but has a character of its own. View media item 2072View media item 2076View media item 2075


Long Hair Hippy Freak
Gold Supporting Member
Beauty! No case? Sounds like a Guitar Center deal.


Gold Supporting Member
Nice vintage vibe on that one, congrats! I dig it.

I honestly wish the core models came with a bag instead of a case. Bag is far more useful.

Astronaut FX

Gold Supporting Member
Congrats! I have one in the dark vintage mahogany without birds. Very nice guitar at a really reasonable price. Same as you, this was my first PRS.



Sweet. I agree with the above, the cases are heavy beyond belief(at least for me). Congrats. ENJOY!!!

Matt L

Very nice. I'm warming up to some of these S2s.

Agreed on PRS cases. It's nice to have a solid case, but they feel like they are lined with lead WITHOUT the guitar inside!

If you decide you still want a new SG, and don't mind the 120th Anniversary inlay, there are some good deals on leftover 2014s. Swapping out the robot tuners is simple, and you can probably sell them and make enough for two sets of Grovers.


I have the S2 mira and its quickly becoming my most grabbed guitar, I think theyre excellent and they can be had cheaper if you search around, Im looking into the standard 22 as well but I wanna see what comes out this summer from MusicMan and PRS is coming out with more S2 models...you got a great guitar there, enjoy...

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