NGD: Reverend Club King 290 Semi-Hollow with Bigsby

Got this beauty 2nd hand last week ... great guitar!

For a long time, I wanted a guitar with P90s and a Bigsby. Also, after trading in my ES135 Ltd. for a strat back in 2011, I had always missed a big old semi-hollow (I do have a thinline tele, but that’s a different thing) ... was having an eye on the Reverend Club King 290 for quite a while, since it got good reviews and seemed to fit the bill, but it was sold out everywhere. Glad to finally get one, it stands up to my expectations :love:

So, my first vid featuring the 290:

Julio Iguana

Congrats on your new (to you) Reverend. Excellent demo (looong!) video highlighting various sounds and settings. I too purchased my first Reverend recently. A keeper. Enjoy.

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