NGD - screw-top sniffin' goodness!

Rock Johnson

Just got a Austin Strat copy. Made in China, nice comfy neck (which means on the smaller side for me, not the baseball bats so many here prefer), decent pups, junky trem. I find it about on the level of a good Squier or MIM Strat. Certainly better than any other low-end import I've played.

Normally the guitar would be a mere $140 - it's made by god-knows-who in China for St. Louis Music. Here's a link:

However, the guy who owns the music store where I give guitar lessons just decided to give it to me. :bow So, not only is it a NGD, it's a FREE NGD!

I know the cork sniffers here will think it's a toy, but I'm thinking it's one hell of a modding platform. The soldering iron comes out this weekend! First will be the tone-to-bridge pup mod, then a brass trem block, then steel saddles... then some GFS pups... I'm sure that I'll have a screamer of a guitar by the time I'm done with it.

And here's the mandatory blurry cellphone pic:



change the trem completely is what I would do, and the nut. tuning is almost always an issue on the low-end guitars

Whiskey N Beans

Silver Supporting Member
Great looking guitar. The Chinese CNC machines are killing it these days. If it's anything like a Squier CV (which inPAID for) you may wind up gigging it. Congrats on the fruits of good relationships. Your services definitely haven't gone unnoticed by the owner.

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