NGD Silvertone 1379, 1956 /Stratotone Newport


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In the past few yrs I have bought a Harmony H44 and a H88, and I love those, but i think this one is the best of them - neck is super-straight, just slightly thinner than the H44, and with a thinner body, but still well balanced. All three have the same 'neck-thru' construction, and they have amazing sustain and tone! The 'harmometal' trim is a gimmick but it looks cool imo. The single neck pickup has a lot of bite, not muddy at all. I was planning to add a bridge pickup to the gtr, but not sure I will now...

BTW - the bridge and tail are not original, the original was wood but was broken when I got it. I prefer the sound of a metal bridge. I made a new pickguard too.

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