NGD! Something I never thought I'd own...

I bought a Gibson?! :confused::drown

I've always been curious about the SG, but never really wanted a Gibson; based on personal experiences. I almost pulled the trigger on a few ebay listings, but never really pursued it.

Then yesterday I get a text from a friend who just found out he needs unexpected dental surgery and he needs to unload his SG. He gave me a super good deal, so there was no way I could pass it up. And, it helped him out, so we both won in the end.
So without further ado: a 2004(5)? Gibson SG Standard in Natural Burst.
Gibson SG!





First impressions are that I am actually genuinely surprised how much I like it. It plays wonderfully - which I'm sure is thanks to my friend, who is an accomplished musician as well and knows his way around a guitar setup.

He added the compensated nut which really helps intonation.

I really can't believe how resonant it is, considering it has a super slim mahogany body. The neck pickup being placed closer towards the bridge is a bit weird for me, but I like that it gives the neck pup a unique tone. The bridge position just SCREAMS in it. Nice fat 50s style neck, and is just ultra comfortable.

tldr; I eat my words on this one, Gibson. You built a damn good guitar here.


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I have one of those too. It really is a great guitar to play. Something about the weight and thickness just makes me want to abuse the heck out of it everytime I pick it up. None of my other guitars elicit that reaction for sure.


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Sweet! Welcome to the club. There are lots of us who, while we like Les Pauls, LOVE SG's. Go over to Everything SG and show off that beauty.


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Nice. I like SG a lot, very playable guitars. An SG is on my "bucket list" of guitars I would like to own someday. It would have to be red, though.
Nice one. What were you playing before you got this SG?

My #1 is still my PRS SC58. It still does have more sustain and a sweeter tone than the SG, but I'm digging this SG a lot for riffs and rhythm playing, while my PRS still tops out as my best lead-playing guitar.
Nice. I like SG a lot, very playable guitars. An SG is on my "bucket list" of guitars I would like to own someday. It would have to be red, though.

Yea, I had always thought that if I did get an SG it would have to be cherry... but then this one kinda fell into my lap and I'm glad I grabbed it.


I love SG's
I have 4 of em now. It's like a disease.
And they really do make me want to abuse the neck. Kind of like playing my LPJr's
They are just straight up Rock Machines.
Happy NGD. That looks like a nice one.


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That is a gorgeous finish. If that color was available when I bought my Standard, I'd have that instead of Heritage Cherry.
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