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Well, I've been interested in trying one of Ted's guitars for a few years but it's not the type of guitar that comes up very often. Then, I came across this one and it has all the most important specs I really like (wide nut, fat C neck, SS frets, alder, etc.). Only thing I would have preferred is a two pivot trem bridge to a six screw, but, I generally only use a trem for slight warble effects anyway so I'll give it a go.

Well, I received it last week and have spent the last week getting to know it. I love it! The pickups (Area '61 in neck and mid...PWE HDV in bridge) sound great. I was concerned that I wouldn't like the Areas but they're very nice...and super quiet. I was also concerned that the bridge pickup might be too thick (I am really a single coil guy but needed a HB equipped guitar) but it's really clear and precise...also sounds great split - sounds more like a Tele than Strat when split.

The SS frets are perfect...excellent fret job! He also really heavily rounded the fret board edges which I love.

The Hipshot locking tuners are great and I like that Ted installed a Tremol-no as standard (I've been using them for the last few years). Drop D is a breeze and, since I do a lot of country stuff, it makes double stops work better. I also like to lock down the bridge when I change strings.

My only complaint (and this is really a pet peeve of mine!!) is that the saddle height adjuster screws are way too long and stick out unnecessarily high. I hate that, especially on a high end and, otherwise, beautiful guitar

As you can see in the pix, I replaced the chrome knobs for ivoroid. I really like the look - makes it look a little bit less modern or something.

This guitar is on par with my Suhrs and Andersons.

Previous owner's shot.

Pix I've taken in the last few days.



That's the first future six model I ever saw and what got me interested in Ted's guitars. I never heard of him until last year when I stumbled onto some old threads talking about how good they were. Here's a crappy cell phone picture of my future 6 I received over the summer. Ted's guitars are fantastic. I've owned a couple suhr's and an anderson and while all were exceptional this is my favorite. I'd love to order a tele style PWE with the extra fat neck.



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^^^Thanks Mike. Hey, do you like the chrome or ivoroid knobs better? I think the ivoroid reduce the modern superstrat look just a tad which, to me, is good.

BTW, the color is certainly not my first choice but these things don't come up for sale very, especially with these specs, so I jumped on it. It's growing on me.


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Did someone say Tele?


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^^^NICE!!!! That would fill my humbucker void PERFECTLY.

One suggestion, try a Rutters slant T control plate! I put one on my Suht T Jr. and it makes pickup switching much more natural (at least for a primarily strat guy, like me).


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I've got a tele from when he was calling it it Stephenson guitars. I always get compliments on the looks and playability. I agree his pickups are very good.

Yup i agree...i have a Stevenson too. Sometimes i think about selling it, then....i played it and its like Heck no i ain't selling that!

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