NGD...Suhr Classic Tortise or mint green pickguard?

Tortise or mint green

  • Tortise

  • Mint Green

  • Other

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I'm a big fan of mint green on strats and teles but... I don't know how well it works on that color. I've had two similar colored strats, tried mint on each and didn't like it very much. I'd say my #1 thought would be aged pearloid esp if you want to go with black trim, or tort with cream or parchment trim.

This is a 1987 MIJ Fender with a sort of creamy white but I wouldn't call it specifically Olympic or Vintage white. I quite like how it looks with the aged pearl and black trim pieces... Almost like a subdued Liberace backup guitarist's guitar.




I think mint also but I kind of like the covers & knobs. What color are they considered?
So far mint is in the lead...I do have mint covers and knobs etc. but wanted to try something different...

The covers and knobs are Monster relic aged Creme Ivory...they also have real bakelight but at 150€ for a set of pickup covers I decided to scrap that idea..

I tried to order a parchment or Ivory creme pickguard from the US but the shipping costs to Germany are prohibitvely high and cost almost as much as the pickguard so I decided to go with what I have...

The tortise looks really sharp but the mint is kinda old schoolish and hence the reason for the poll...

Tortise sounded really good on Thursday and I'll how the mint sounds and then decide:rotflmao

I like em both:huh


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