NGD - Taylor 615CE!! Check out the back and sides!!

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I've been looking awhile for a new acoustic, a few years now. I started with a very utilitarian Taylor 414CE, and while that was very nice, being a LP player, it was very light and didn't sound "big" even though it projected well. Mids and highs were stellar, but it didn't have enough punch. So I then went to a Gibson Songwriter Deluxe, which was a stellar example of one (tried 10 at three different stores, this one slayed them all). But I missed the cutaway, and it didn't have that famous Taylor action, so I kept looking.

The local GC had a used 814CE at a very good price, but as I was playing it, I saw this 615CE tucked away. Not being familiar with the 15 series Taylors, I checked it out.

ONE STRUM...I was hooked. the 615 is Taylor's jumbo, which is smaller than a Jumbo, but with a meaty LP neck that is extremely comfortable to play for me. Nice size as well. It was a 2007, but had been ignored for its life at this GC!! I'm happy to give it a good home.


But the TONE...dear lord. This thing has THUMP. While it doesn't have the sparkling high end of a Grand Auditorium, it projects well and just fills the room with sound. The action is just about perfect on it, and it's nice to have the cutaway again.

CHECK OUT THE FLAME/QUILT on this one!! I can't believe this is standard on this model. Check out some comparison pics:

MY 615:



A regular 615:



I think I win this round :D

I can't wait to get home each night and play this, I think about it all day!! :drool


Taylors are my favorite acoustics hands down. But like any other guitar, you have to go through some to find a great one. My buddy has an old 1982 810(dreadnought) with cedar on top and flame maple back and sides. Kind of an odd combo but is the best punchy Taylor I've ever played.



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VERY Nice! I love Taylors. Enjoy it!



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Excellent looking Taylor. I have an 814 that I love like a child and just picked up an old 655 12 string that looks a lot like yours, but, honestly, nice figuring, but nothing like yours. That is a beautiful instrument. For an electric player like myself, nothing beats the feel of a Taylor. And the tone makes you want to rush home from work. Nice.

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