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NGD- tele content (my first tele partocaster build) w/pics


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I had a tele sitting around for a while and never bonded with because it had vintage frets that had been leveled one to many times. So I started buying parts here and there and this is what i came up with. Perfect setup and plays and sounds like a dream. Let me know what you guys think.

body- fender reissue 3pc alder

Neck- musikraft 1 piece
10in radius
thick u-shape .980 at 1st fret /1.00 at 12th fret
SS frets (I didnt order the neck so i dont have all the exact specs)
bone nut

pick ups-fender CS nocaster

electronics- R&S wiring

hardware- Taipan 304 stainless bridge w/ brass compensated saddles
304 neck plate, switch plate and knobs
gotoh adjustable height vintage style locking tuners

special thanks to RothandRoll for the neck and hardware
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I thought my Canadian Breed had the nicest figuring in a neck I'd seen - that beats it!:omg


I have a nice plain MIM Tele neck that would be a lot more fun and I am willing to trade even for that quilty neck, all that figuring must blind you and impair your ability to play.

In all seriousness, that's a sharp guitar, very nice.

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