NGD : The inevitable ... I got a Silver Sky SE and here it is !

Got mine today, Dragonfruit ...

Woohoo ! FIRST ONE IN MONTREAL ( I was told) !!!

Positives :

-Mayer Tonez for days, I actually learned Wild Blue's chords and jammed them out, it was eerie ...
-Lovely lovely Rosewood Fretboard, great profile on the thinner side but smoooth !
-Bridge and overall materials are A++++ definitly on the level of an American Standard Strat
- It may not matter to some but daaaaaamn that radius is in a perfect spot. More 8' radius out there would be great !!!
- The Rosewood is quite nice! like compared to the one Fender uses or on some of the 'dustier' looking Gibson RW, this one is dark, deep and has really nice grain !

Negatives :

- Action was $h*t ... like so high it was unplayable out of the box ... however -30 celcius here right now so ...
- Truss Rod cover is loose, crappy piece of plastic, will need to tighten it up !
- flat pole pickups was a surprise ! I have to work on height as the output was all over the place.
- Is it just me or the 'Albino' white parts just scream low end ... I mean it was the same on the American version but damn ...
- Wanna try some Floyd or Deep Purple ... this thing will laugh at you, kind of a one trick pony

Conclusion ?

Low noise, great sounding 'Strat-Like' instrument, not sure it will fit my type of music but I'm open to giving it a go on a few jams this weekend with the band and find out! Reminded me a tiny bit of a G&L Legacy I had a long time ago, the overall 'Strat but not quite' feel. While I was at another store I AB'd it again with a newer American Pro and it was right there, on the ball, ! Impressed but a bit of fine tuning to do !



**Updated Pics at the studio*



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I’m playing me CE right now and the single coil tones are just so damned good, I can’t imagine how sweet a SS must sound, you’re a lucky dude!


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The plastics have always been my least favorite part of the Silver Sky, Ive cracked a couple switch tips, and lost the numbers on two of the knobs. Looks like a great instrument for the money.


I suspect that the other end is supposed to wedge up against the nut. Poor tolerances/shoddy screwhole placement.
Yeah. Guess a guy could easily put 2 more screws in it, and problem solved. But that's something they should have done better.
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Some if not most recent Danelectros have a single screw keeping the truss rod cover down and they manage to stay aligned.

As previously stated either that truss rod cover was cut short or the screw hole drilled too high.
How is that truss rod cover supposed to stay in place with one screw!?
Yeah the tr cover was cut too short. Afaik, all PRS guitars have only 1 screw attaching the tr cover.

The white plastic just sucks imo. Whatever happened to creme like it should be? PRS isn't the only offender either.

Still a nice guitar. Congratulations OP, enjoy!

Edit: disregard everything I said about white plastics. I was referring to pickup rings, pickups, and binding on guitars like LPs and PRS types. I got lost for a minute and forgot this was a Strat. A white guard is great on a Strat.
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