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Bought two guitars without playing them after reading about them and listening to clips, reading specs, etc.

Purchased from Prymaxe and it only took a couple of days til they were at my door:

1. Reverend Buckshot - Great player, wonderful sound with the bass contour. I find myself not using the contour on the bridge while using dirt and rolling up the bass when I switch to clean...nice touch to go from sparkly/twangy dirt to a somewhat bassy clean.

Set up perfectly, playing action is good, not great but I measure every guitar against an R7 Black Beauty so I don't expect a $700 guitar to play as well as the Paul.

I can see using this guitar for everything from hard rock to jazz. Nice variation on a telecaster with its' own thing going.

Bought it in cream and looks nice.

2. Hanson Cigno - A couple of problems with this one though I like it. The guitar in the 3rd position uses both the neck and bridge p90s and its' output is significantly louder than the other four positions. The bridge alone sounds great for rock and the bridge/middle and middle/neck sound great as well. The neck alone is entirely too bassy.

The bigsby's going to take a little time to measure up as there's a fine line between bending up and down a step without causing the A and G to go out of tune. The neck might as well be planted in the ground with branches shooting out from the sides as it is thick.

For a $600 guitar though it plays and sounds very good for the money.

Bought it in translucent burgundy.


"It is against the Gear Page rules, to post a "New Guitar Day Thread" with out posting pictures"


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Love that Reverend Buckshot! I'll bet with a careful set-up you can get it playing exactly how you like it. Congrats!

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3,623've had them both for a do you like them long-term?
The Hanson's middle and bridge pickups are going to be replaced by Lollars. Other than that, I don't think I need anything done to it. Great guitar.

The Buckshot probably will stay since (if I sold it) I'd be hard-pressed to get more than 450 for it. The only reason it might leave my hands is due to downsizing if I decide I want a "proper" tele. Most likely it's staying....I may just put a new bridge pickup in it and take extra mylanta to help alleviate some tele gas.

Really good guitars, excellent in the bang for your buck department.

Smacky the Frog

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If the neck is too bassy on the Cigno, why replace only the middle and bridge?

No, it's the middle and the bridge which are personally too bassy for me. It takes a lot if tinkering to get it bright and for them to play nice with distortion, whether from the amps or from pedals.

I love how it plays, big chunky neck and it stays in tune well, though I really don't use the bigsby much. It's a really comfortable guitar as well.

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