NGD: Yamaha YS-200 Digital Synthesizer

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  1. VivaVirilium

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    Jan 3, 2015
    I've been getting really interested in synthesizers lately and managed to pick one of these up for a really fair price earlier today. I've just been messing around with it in my bedroom and its really really fun -- I'd recommend looking into finding one of your own if you see one at a used music store or something.

    I like it because, as a guitarist, I tried using a fancy Alesis drum machine at one point and could never really figure out how it worked (cuz I ain't no keyboardist) and this synth has been way more fun to play around with because I can actually easily (and visually) keep track of different loops and stuff. Cool stuff for sure :BluesBros
  2. ERGExplorer

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    Jul 11, 2010
    The YS is an excellent synth. As the page you linked to notes, it can use patches from the various Yamaha 4-operator synths.

    The easy edit mode lets you progem it using the analog paradigm used on the Korg/Yamaha DS-8 synth as well. You should listen to a DS-8 demo on YouTube to get an idea of how that sounds.

    It also has a breath controller input, so if you pick up a Yamaha BC unit, you can use all those patches from the WT11 FM wind synth.

    It's a nice synth, and very capable.

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