Nice gear stolen in Bay Area, California


Stolen Saturday Night in Danville, California from our truck:

1952 Vintage Telecaster Reissue 1994
Serial No. : 20850 (stamped into the bridge plate)

An identifying feature is the tuning key for the high e string is looser than the other 5 - plus some nicks here and there including one on the side of the fingerboard. It was in a gig bag - so the theif does not have the original case or case candy.

Martin DC-Aura Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar
ser #1216830

Fender American Dlx Tele, M, Candy Tangerine
ser #DZ5010244

Dr. Z 1x12 convertible cabinet black tolex w/ a celestion greenback. The back cover was not on the cabinet. This is a scratch and dent cabinet with a repaired tear on the cabinet.

big mike

Platinum Supporting Member
Oh that SUCKS!

Make sure you send a list over to Guitar Heaven Pleasant Hill I think?) and Good Stuff in Martinez. THose seem to be the two best used shops around the area. Maybe they can help.

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