Sold Nik Huber Orca 59 in Faded Sunburst - Amazing Top, Brazilian Board, NAMM Guitar


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For Sale, a Nik Huber Orca 59 in Faded Sunburst. Built in December of 2016 for 2017 Winter NAMM, no doubt was hand-picked for NAMM for the amazing top and finish.

Excellent condition. Very minor marks on the back, reportedly came that way "new from the dealer", from the use at NAMM in Jan 2017. (I am the second owner, the first owner was a forum friend.) The most notable marks on the back are on the bottom of the body where the guitar sits on your thigh, and they are pretty minor, so it is not at all noticeable in day to day use. Pic included below. Other than that, the guitar shows very little signs of any wear.

Asking $6,200 (Price Reduction) PayPal'ed and Shipped CONUS. No trade offers please.

Plays and sounds amazing, as you would expect with any Nik Huber guitar. (Reason for selling is that I have 3 killer Orca 59s, that is too many to justify...) Gorgeous dark colored Brazilian Board.

This is a solidbody construction, and is still is extremely lightweight, 7 pounds 10.8 ounces, with the Spanish Cedar body.








Specs and description from the dealer:

Namm Show Guitar

Exceptional Flame Maple Top

Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard

Featherweight – Only 7 pounds 10.8 Ounces!

Incredible Tone and Playability - Feels alive in your hands!

This beautiful Orca ‘59 from Nik Huber Guitars was on display at the NAMM Show and features an absolutely breathtaking Flame Maple top. But she’s not just a looker – This baby has it all! Incredible tone, perfect playability, and weighs in at only 7 pounds, 10.8 ounces! It's nice to take a classic, Les Paul style design like this and make it unique. All Nik Huber guitars are hand-tuned for tone and this one sounds exactly like you would expect (unless you haven't experienced the awesomeness that is a Nik Huber instrument, in which case it sounds significantly better than you could ever imagine). Resonant and alive feeling. Just outstanding tone. Slightly more articulate than a vintage Les Paul. The body is solid Spanish Cedar (which is sonically more similar to the actual old growth Mahogany used on all those iconic 50’s instruments but is all but extinct these days) and the neck is Mahogany with a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard.

Nik Huber is making some of the most consistently fantastic instruments I have been lucky enough to have for sale through my shop. Every time I get one in, the entire staff is floored by its magnificence. The tone is always astonishingly loud, clear and bell-like acoustically. It resonates in your hands like a living, breathing creature. Cosmetically every detail is perfect. From the fit and finish to the fret work to the incredible wood selection. Nik never disappoints. This Custom Orca ‘59 is no exception! Stunning in every way!

The Nik Huber Orca has to be one of the absolute best sounding guitar models we have ever had. (I say that about a lot of Huber models but it's true each time). This is also one of the absolute most fun to play! The Harry Hausel pickups sound killer and this one sports a classic, 1959 - SET. You don't even need to plug this guitar in to know it will sound like god. Want clean? Just roll back on the volume. Want gain? Roll up. The neck is expertly crafted - Just fat enough to be fat, but refined - Not so huge that it feels cumbersome or bloated. Basically, it feels like it was carved special just for your hands. This guitar also sports a rich, dark Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard.

Features and Specs of the Orca ‘59 electric guitar from Nik Huber:

D.S. Faded Sunburst Finish
Exceptionally Figured Flame Maple Top
Solid Spanish Cedar Body – (full LP thickness)
Mahogany Neck with Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard
Orca Std. Profile (.890“ - 1.00“)
10“ - 14“ Compound Radius
22x Medium Jumbo Frets (extra hard)
Double Action Trussrod
1.670“ Nut Width (Bone)
MOP Crown Inlays
Ebony Headstock
Tone Pros AVR-2 & Aluminum Tailpiece
Ebony Backplates
H. Häussel 1959 Humbuckers (neck / bridge)
2x Volume Controls
2x Tone Controls
Push/Pull on tone for coil split
3-Way Toggle Switch
Hardshell case
7 lbs, 10.8 oz
Awesome Tone! Incredibly Playability! Custom Boutique Electric Guitar!
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WA Paul

I was the first owner - it’s a killer guitar! I sold to Pete because my custom order Ocra 59 trem (avatar) came in after I lost my job.

Some lucky buyer is really going to enjoy this one!


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Thanks everyone, for all the kind comments!

Price reduction to $6,200 PayPal'ed and shipped CONUS.
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Wow this seems like the best deal on a 59 Orca I've ever seen. Wish I could swing it right now but that might be a bit tough at the moment.

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