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Nitro finish - how to make it shine?


I have a honey blond Highway one strat and a daphne blue strat body that will soon be a partscaster. Both have a nitro finish and I am wondering how I should polish them up. I have been playing the honey blond for about a year, and some areas are definitely shinier than others, but I would prefer it is even. The daphne blue has not been played yet and is still pretty flat looking.

Let me be clear, I don't want to relic at all. I want to make them shine. It is just a fender polish cloth and some elbow grease, or what? Thanks in advance.
Both excellent recommendations. Some of these Highway One bodies are more nubbly than others. You may have to go over some (I did on 1 of 4) with 2000 wet or dry paper (I used mineral spirits), then polishing compound, then Meguiar's polish and finally over to the chemical process with the Scratch X. I think I'd try a section in Scratch X first, but it is expensive.


I just use the stock Gibson restorative cream, works great. Not even much elbow grease
is needed.


Gold Supporting Member
I just had nice results with a few rounds of Virtuoso polish. Not mirror smooth but a nice improvement and a bit vintage looking


I used Scratch-X on a Hwy 1 Tele body and it did shine up decently. It isn't as glossy as a true gloss finish but it's nicer than what I started with.

I could go back and try Boris' suggestions but it's not that important to me.

Good luck with your project.

EDIT: I used a rag and elbow grease, then tried an electric buffer. The elbow grease worked just as well.

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