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So I put this up for sale when it was an esquire. Couple nibbles but nothing. Didnt want to sell it for less than I put into it, so instead I put more into it! Routed a neck P90 spot, vibramate and bigsby B5, and a call to Pete Biltoft at vintage vibe guitars. I turned this

into this

and I couldnt be happier! The VVG T90 bridge and Soapbar neck sound great, and make the guitar stand out from my other teles tone wise. It was a little redundant before, not so now. The bigsby added resonance which shocks me, but striking an open E makes the strap tickle my shoulder it resonates so much. Really woody tone from the neck pup, sooo warm, yet articulate. Anyway....Im stoked!


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Great decision. Didn't care for pic#1... love #2

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