New Neck Day!

After several months of fighting with the neck shape on my JTV-69, I finally decided that enough is enough and bought a new neck. I did a little digging online and learned that others have had success with the standard Fender-spec 22-fret necks from Mighty Mite, so I ordered up an all-maple one with a compound radius fretboard.

Mine arrived late last week, but I didn't get around to installing it until last night. First, though, I had to hit the edges with the file to take care of some sharp fret ends :mad:.

Then, I lined it up:

Marked/ drilled the mounting holes:

And installed:

I added a little relief and set the string height/ intonation, but I let it acclimate overnight and will re-check/ adjust it after work tonight. After very little tweaking, however, it already plays/ feels tons better than the stock neck. The strings actually feel a little slink-ier somehow.

My only gripe (other than the sharp fret ends) so far is that it's a tiny bit loose in the pocket. It's barely noticeable when looking at it even up close, but there is enough play that I can move the neck by hand without too much difficulty. I was also hoping that it would be wider than the stock fretboard. As you can see in the above pic, however, both E strings still sit pretty close to the edge. Regardless, it's no worse than before.

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