No Knife


Love the band. 'Fletchette' kills. Fenders into Marshalls, no pedals. Here's a post from Mitch about gear:

My main guitar was a Mary Kaye Jazzmaster Reissue (J) with a Gibson Tune-o-matic bridge (because I can't stand the stock bridge- strings always popped right off on the first or second ham-fisted downstroke) and a P90 at the bridge. I played through a 1971 Marshall Super Lead with no pedals. I just used the top switch on the Jazzmaster with a lower volume setting for the cleaner parts instead- less to carry around, no batteries to replace every two days, etc. The cabinet was a frankenstein I bought with the head from John Lee of aMiniature who bought it from Dave Jass from Uncle Joe's Big Ol Driver. I have never taken the back off to see what kind of speakers were inside. John told me that two were 25W for breakup and two were 75W to push air. I'm not much of a gear guy so I just took him at his word. I memorized the knob settings from the Hit Man Dreams sessions after Mark Trombino dialed them in: from left to right were 3-10-3-6-6 although in later years I backed the volume down to about 4 and started using both pickups instead of just the bridge. And yes, I used a Marshall Power Brake too so I could get more distortion without everyone having to leave the room because the amp was so loud. I used to get into a lot of arguments with sound guys over volume, so the Power Brake helped (a little)
Ryan used a variety of guitars from Tele to Les Paul Special and he played through a Marshall JCM800. I'm pretty sure he used no pedals either except maybe a tuner.
Also- we tuned up a half step to F which made the guitars a bit more chime-y. Mission Control was Drop C in the F tuning (so C#)and the high E was tuned down to the B string (so C) which gave the two small strings that 12 string sound
Guess I sort of forgot that I made this thread... Glad to see such positive response! Thanks @arablue for posting that blurb, I hadn't ever seen that snippet.

No Knife is a good example of "whole band as an instrument" No one is the main focus. The guitars are a killer one-two punch, but those sick bass lines are the finishing uppercut. I love that no one guitar player is the "lead" per se. They're both playing lines that interact with and compliment the other.

I miss these guys. :(
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