No More Barber Pedals????

Jim Marciano

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Before covid and the tarrifs a few major suppliers shut down, I saw alot of builders who do smaller numbers trying to find enclosures, everything has been compounding pretty much all year, really hope to see him come back

Sorry @PhuzzphayzZ I think I just bought the last reasonably priced gcsr on the net


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he actually mentioned back in March (?) in a thread here about his issue with finding the right enclosure size and that it would eventually become a problem

something about changing vendors

(obviously) must not have found a useful replacement vendor

if he ever reads this, i enjoyed all three of his pedals that i owned, 2 of which were bought direct


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I hope this is only temporary. David is one of the best pedal builders, and one of the best guys in the business. I ALWAYS have more than one Barber pedal on my board and have for years now.

David, if you’re reading this, I have a box of powder coated pedal cases. Leftovers from my pedal building days. Not drilled, but you could do a small run of pedals with hand drawn labels. They are free to you if you want them and I’ll ship on my dime as well. I think there’s at least 15 or so. And I think they are the same size cases as the older DDs, LTDs, etc. PM me if you are interested.
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Sad news. My Gain Changer is a cut above just about anything out there. I had contacted Dave in early August about a Direct Drive V4, he had told me 2-3 months and the painful wait began. I luckily snagged a mint one on Reverb about a week ago for $130. I’m sure the seller will be kicking himself. I’m glad to own these two monsters and I wish Dave all the best. Hopefully it’s just a bump in the road...


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Would be terrible if true.

Received my first Barber pedal today (Direct Drive v3) and it’s the most impressive overdrive and Marshall “in a box” sound I’ve ever heard. Absolutely huge.


This honestly seems a bit hyperbolic - every response that David has made in his thread on Facebook points toward wanting to find a solution and that he still loves building pedals and is not burned out or anything. Furthermore, I would think that if he was “done done” his statement would be a bit more “thanks for all the support over the years,” etc.


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Man, I have been waiting on the stealth black enclosures for a few months now. I check his sight almost everyday! Then I saw the notice today! That sucks! Hopefully it will only be a short time!


It would truly suck if Dave stopped building.

I've been a fan since way back, and have owned numerous of his drive pedals, but through thick and thin, and up against some of the best in the business--including KOT, FD2, Timmy, vintage TS808s and a slew of others I can't even remember--the mighty Direct Drive has slayed them all.

I effing LOVE that pedal.


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oh, so now I HAAAAVE to get a GCSR ASAP:mad:

c'mon people

I think Mr. Barber should ask each Customer for an old OD pedal to put his new guts into... I mean, if you want his pedals, would you sacrifice an enclosure?

It's time to ditch the Hollywood aesthetic and go back to 2007-11... any box will do... it's almost MadMax time, so, SteamPunk should come back in vogue
I ran that by him almost a month ago. I told him people don't care about the paint job - just get blank enclosures and people will buy them. I also suggested letting people pre-order to get his cash flow going. He obviously doesn't seem enthusiastic about these ideas, which is a shame in my opinion.


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Damn Dave is amazing. Hopefully he can figure something out. Wish him the best

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