No sound to amp after turning pedal off


I got a BYOC leed fuzz already together did not build myself. Problem is hook it up to amp pedal off guitar goes to amp fine, turn on peadl sounds incredible, turn pedal off nothing to amp. Checked everything I can think of to no avail. Has anyone else had this problem and figured it out. Thanks

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switch wiring or just a bad switch, me thinks.

have you checked for continuity when you switch the pedal off?


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Clark has it, either wired wrong, broken solder joint, or bad switch. You're going to have to take it apart and follow the circuit to make sure it's wired right (use google for images of correct switch wiring) OR take a detailed pic of the switch back and wiring to the board/jacks and post it here. Or you could go to the BYOC forum and ask there.


checked wiring to BYOC schematic and pics on thier site looks wired right little messy but other words right


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This is how most true bypass footswitches are wired: (I double-checked your pedal here, and this is the same:


Switch is wired

1 4 7
2 5 8
3 6 9

where it say "input jack" - that comes off the "tip" of your right side guitar in jack - it connects to both pins 4 & 9 so that signal will feed either the output jack (#8) or the circuit board in (#5) depending on how it is switched. If your pedal works when on, but not when off then the wire that came loose must be the connection to pin 9.

Edit - don't a;ways trust "looks right" - with these switches sometimes a loose wire looks right but it is not actually connected. Also - be very careful with these switches - do not hold a hot solder gun to one of the lugs for more than 1 second or you will actually damage the switch by heating up the internal switch so it never works. In fact, if it looks right but does not work, it could be a bad switch.

Take a multimeter and see if you get continuity between pins 8 & 9 to check the switch.
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