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No Way To Replace A Gibson Style(74mm) Bridge W/ A One Piece Bridge Tailpiece?

Chrome Dinette

Senior Member
I have an Agile pseudo Bass VI type thing that has a 74mm stud spacing bridge that is sort of like a tune o matic with rollers. I don't use the tremelo and want to use thin(10-46) strings.

Right now, I have the trem mostly dissasembled, parts stored, but using the part that the strings pass through flipped around and bolted to the trem plate.

It's ugly, but I didn't make any new holes in anything. There isn't enough break angle, though.

I can't seem to find any one piece bridge/tailpiece that goes onto 74mm studs.

I may just have to get a cheapo hardtail strat bridge, ditch the saddles and mount it to my trem plate to use as a string anchor.

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