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Noel Johnston's "Voicing Modes" book (Here's the new "Ted Greene" book)


Some of you are familiar with Noel Johnston. Noel's playing/recording resume includes Vinnie Colaiuta, Andre Crouch, Sheila E., Fred Hammond, Israel Houghton, Lucky Peterson, Kenny Wheeler(!!!), Gary Willis and tons more. He's on the University of North Texas jazz faculty, but I can tell you that he is as Dann Huff/John Sykes as Dann Huff and John Sykes. MASTERFUL rock and studio player...very aggressive. He's like if King's X were on ECM.

More to the point, his new book is the fruit of decades of obsession and depth at a topic about which so many of us thought there was little more to understand. Noel is the single most profound person I've ever known on scales and modal voicings. He is capable of everything from gentle, immediately helpful musical revelations to outright "I could spend the rest of my life plumbing the depths of what you're telling me" ones. No matter where you are in your knowledge of scales and modes, there is more than enough here to immediately add color to what you do, as well as to be a reference work until you die...probably from lack of exercise and improper diet. Speaking of which, his food analogy makes loads of sense and helps keep things accessible.

Highly recommended. Get it. Dive in right now, then return to the well anytime you need a new drink.

Digital copy now:

Print copy for preorder (Sept 3 release):
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That's a pretty fun description that makes me want to check him out.
Looks really cool. I did a series of youtube videos last year about modal voicings and harmony. This looks like it has a lot of cool info and vocings I haven't seen before. I also like the fact that you have info about arps. Looks really good.

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