Noiseless Pickups for Telecaster

I play in a country rock band. Sometimes we play in noisy venues which causes my single coil equipped guitars to hum like crazy. While it does not bother me too much while I am playing with the band the sound guy always makes a fuss out of it and I am sick of having to argue with him. What brands/models can you recommend and did anyone of you swap between the following:

Kinman (AVn-48, AVn-60)
Bill Lawrence (L-290, L-280)
Di Marzio Area T
Fender SCn Noiseless
Joe Barden

I am looking for a traditional tele twang type of tone, maybe a little bit warmer but nothing P90-ish.

Any comments would be highly appreciated.
Thanks and keep on pickin'


I have tried the following:
Joe Barden
Fender SCn
DiMarzio Virtual Vintage
Seymour Duncan (Classic Stack, Hot Rails, Cool Rails)

...and every time went back to true single coils. I would rather put up with a little hum than the loss of twang, depth and (non ice pick) sparkle that I have experienced with the above pick ups.


You may get info on this better in the "effects, etc." section, but I'll chime in.

I don't have the Area T's, but have a set of Virtual T's in my Tele. They have the sound of single coil's to me. Have a nice twang and a nice even sound. And yes, quiet as humbuckers (well... they are humbuckers!:AOK)

IMO, the Dimarzio's are perfect noiseless pickups. And I dig them better than the Kinman's my good friend has (believe the Avn-60).


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you want the dimarzio area t set. they're ever so slightly closer to "true" tele tone than even the virtual t pickups, themselves probably the closest of the lot.


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My favorite are in this order:

1. EMG Tele Alnicos
2. Area T's
3. Fender Noiseless (pretty fat sounding, but still has all the spank)
4. Joe Bardin's (very volume knob sensitive pickups)

Do not like any of the Seymour Duncans ...
very lifeless dull sounding (have tried them all..)]

The Kinman's, though better then the SD's, are still somewhat lackluster (IMO)

Paul Conway

I was impressed with the BL's I had, to the point of thinking about some for my Suhr. The 280/90 model is a bit fuller sounding than the 200, I believe.
Thanks for all your replies!

I sure would put up with the hum if it only was a little, and in most venues it was not a problem. But in two cases it just went nuts, even on clean settings. Switching to a setting of two parallel pickups (one RW/RP) clarified it was single coil induced hum.

Shielding - one of my guitars was shielded, the other was not - both hummed about the same. Shielding is not effective against single coil induced hum because the hum is picked up by the magnetic field.

Seems like the Area Ts are worth checking out. My local dealer has them ... we'll see. My next gig will be in a known "good" venue so I am not in a hurry.


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I have a set of Area T's in my Tele, and to my untrained ear they sure sound like single coils to me. Tele single coils. Plus, hum free. I'm in heaven.

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