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Sold Nolatone Road Hogg Lite Head


Hello TGPrs, Selling some great amps to find some guitar upgrades I'm working on. This little amp is a tone monster and keeps up with my band mates 40 Watt Dr Z Remedy and has no issue driving a 2x12 and keeping up with a drummer and keys. Nolatone watts are NOT "normal" watts.

All Nolatone amps are made to impeccable standards by the owner and founder of th company. Paul is a true craftsman who has a passion for amp building. He's a real deal builder.

2 6v6 @ Approx 20-22 Watts
Enough headroom to be a pedal platform or can also be set up to get great tweed and plexi tones
Very flexible time shaping options with the eq and switches

These go $1850 new from Nolatone, get an amazing deal from me @ $950 Shipped and PP to CONUS


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