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Non-traditional Acoustic Guitar


Show me your non-traditional acoustic guitar(s.) Traditional acoustic guitars are Martin, Taylor, & Gibson.


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This is pretty non standard! It's a replica of a Staufer guitar from the antique instruments collection at Edinburgh University, and I made it in college in the mid 2000s. Staufers are fascinating instruments - he started out copying Italian guitars but became friendly with a number of well known Italian players who found the guitars they brought with them from home rather lacking. Staufer beefed up the bracing, elevated the fingerboard above the top, created an adjustable neck join so the action could be reset after the guitar was completed. Staufer only made guitars for a fairly short period of time, handing the business over to his son whilst he went on to concentrate on violins, but his foreman, CF Martin, want on to do rather well.

This guitar has just come back to me after a couple of months being used on the set of a movie about the Bronte sisters, so this time next year it could be famous!*

Or just about spottable in the background of one scene, which is rather more likely...

Brian N


This is my new acoustic, and it's a Mitchell brand. It was only $500 but after I got it, I sold my Martin and my Epiphone. Don't need them anymore; this one plays better and sounds just as good. My local Guitar Center had four in stock; two of them were absolutely amazing instruments, and the other two were hot garbage with dull, uninspiring tones, terrible setups, and sharp fret edges. There's a fair amount of variability but they do make some amazing instruments when you get the right one.


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I don't own a Ken Parker archtop, but I sure would like to. There are innovations in these that you don't see in this photo - like the carbon fiber post that holds the neck in place.

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