Noob home recording studio help please!


I would love to set up a home reocrding studio for guitar, keyboard, and or drums. So yesterday I got myself a Mac G4. I know that I'm gonna need a mic, studio speakers, a preamp of some sort, keyboard, drum machine, mixer and software. Things like the drum machine and keyboard can wait but how exactly would I hook everything up once I decided to go out an buy it? Are there easier recording solutions? I know to to "use" a mixer but haven't had much experience actually handling one. Would it be better to use a mic and record from the amp or buy modeling software? Thanks guys anything would be helpful! Tips on what to buy are welcomed too would like to keep it under 500 if thats even possible and don't have a problem buying used.:beer


For guitar and keyboard, an interface of some kind is preferred, preferably firewire or PCI based (what you called a preamp). I recommend the M-Audio Firewire Solo if you're trying to keep your costs low.

You'll also need a DAW, which is what you refer to as the mixer. It's software based. I recommend Reaper as a fully featured DAW for a whopping 60 bucks. You can, of course, start off with garage band, a free and very lite DAW that comes with every Mac. All DAWs allow you to use plugins (many of which can be found for free on the web) to add various things to each of your tracks. So for guitar tracks, you can add distortion or delay, vocal tracks you can add compression, etc etc

For Guitar/Keys/Drum Machine, you actually do not need a microphone, so don't even worry about it.

Can't help you with mixing speakers, sorry.


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If you have a G4 I would first ask what model. Is it a Dual Processor or single?

If I had to use a G4 I would probably get a used 24 Mix system. It wouldn't cost you much and it's still viable.

Stay away from the latest and greatest OS.

If you don't want PT go with an older version of DP.

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