Noobish drummer (guitar player that dabbles) looking to get kit


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I played drums with friends' kits but I wanted to get better and create parts for my music.

I play stuff in the rock, weird jazzish and metalish genres. I'm not looking for a metal kit, strictly, but would eventually like to incorporate some double kicks.

My friend has a Pork Pie kit with a cannon kick (18") and its a little too small. Not sure if I want a Bonham size kick. I like tribal tom rhythms. Not looking for a lot of toms. Maybe a 4-5 piece kit.

Any suggestions on what to look for?


Anticipate the cymbals being as much or more than the kit. If you are buying your first acoustic drum kit, you should know that there are a lot of decent used kits that can be found locally, wherever that is for you. Get something that is maple or birch depending on the sound you like, and err on the side of smaller. You're also going to have to buy new heads (even if you buy a new kit you will likely need to buy heads at some point in the near future). Hardware and cymbals really add up too. My first kit when starting on drums was a 7ply maple kit (PDP) which I put good heads on. The hardware was a grab bag from a used music shop. The ride and hi-hats together cost more than the shells and most of the hardware. I think finding good cymbals is key, as long as the shells are decent quality you can make them sing with good heads. Enjoy your new endeavor!


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Used Pearl, Yamaha and Tama kits are solid and, Yamaha in particular, are a bargain. either a 20/10/14 with a 14 snare or a 22/13/16 with a 14 snare are basic, all around and great kits. I think the smaller sized ones like the 20/10/14 are easier to tune, sound tighter and are a bit quieter. After playing with 22" bass drums for years, both of my current kits have 20" bd's and I'm never going back! I find them punchier and more controllable.

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I'll add to the chorus of support for Yamaha kits. Had a trusty old Stage Custom kit for almost 20 years. Basic 4pc kit...14" snare, 13" rack, 16" floor and a 22" kick. Old knock-around set of Sabian cymbals. Nothing fancy. Good sounding kit that isn't tough to transport, if necessary.

Daily driver is an Alesis Command Mesh e-kit. Very convenient and outstanding for volume control. Good bang for the buck and a pretty decent sounding. I use it with a weekly jam at my place.

The cool thing about dabbling in drums and guitar is your perspective on playing. I tend to listen to music differently, depending on what I'm trying to learn. When I'm drumming, guitar parts are cues for changes. If I'm playing guitar, the approach is much different.

Give it a shot and have fun with it. Grab some used gear and let 'em rip.


HA - now I read the posts. I just went and got the kit. Now I'm gonna figure out what to do with it.


New, you can't go wrong with a Yamaha Stage Custom.

Used, lots of good stuff out there. I went with Yamaha for mine.

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