Nord Electro 2 & Lead 3 - Need help choosing an Amp / PA


I'm going to be running a Nord Electro 2 & Lead 3 with two other guitar players. All together, I will be going up against 2 half stacks (a Marshall JMP 100 & Orange OR120) and I need to hang with them. I won't be using acoustic piano sounds very much, so I don't need realism in regards to that. However, I'd really like to get a setup that will do well with synths, elec. piano & organ - - especially the synth sounds. I will also be running these Nords into a few pedals (Drives & Fuzzes included)

I'm fairly new to running a keys setup and I realize this is primarily a guitar forum, but it seems like everyone here has experience with the powered monitor side of things (at least as it relates to AxeFX, 11R, etc...). I'm just not sure if I would be better off running these nords into a real tube amp (unsure of speaker size to choose in that config.) or getting a PA / Powered monitor setup. Some ideas I have so far:

Traynor YBA-1A into 1x15 Orange cab
Hiwatt DR103 into ???
QSC K series
JBL Eon series

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The Nord equipment will need full range speakers to sound good. Powered speakers are the easiest solution and they will provide plenty of volume.

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