Sold NOS Mullard Large Base GZ34 Rectifier Tube, RCA Blackplate 6L6 Matched Pair, Amperex Bugle Boy GZ34


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All tubes SOLD.

1) SOLD NOS Rare Early Large/Fat Base Mullard GZ34 - bought NOS from KCA, never used, was a backup for an amp I sold. With original box. SOLD

2) SOLD ANOS RCA Blackplate 6L6 Matched Pair, bought from Tube Depot last May for a Fender style amp I briefly owned, and now sold. Maybe 10 hours on them. With original boxes. SOLD

3) SOLD ANOS Amperex Made in Holland Bugle Boy GZ34/5AR4 Rectifier Tube, purchased from KCA, used briefly in a Fender amp I sold. SOLD
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