Not a clip, but a new video!


Very very cool.

I liked everything about it. You guys did a lot of work.

Reminds me of some of the stuff the British bands were coming out with years ago.

I'll have to check out your other material.


Thank you Ihallam! :)

Maybe I'd tell you a little about the recording?

The song was recorded mostly live in our rehearsal place, with drums, bass and one guitar as a simple stereo recording with two microphones (ADK A51S + Neumann U87) in X/Y constellation in the middle of the room. That's why the sound is a bit thin.
Then some more guitars, lyrics and organ was added with a portastudio (Korg D8?).
Finally we imported it to Cubasis (? Don't remember), and did some final mastering.
So this is really a non proffessional recording, with very low budget.

The video is mostly the work of the guitarist himself. We recorded the band sequences in the rehearsal place with a little DV-cam, and a flashlight.
The the guitarist has done all the clay animation and everything else at his place. Don't know much about that really...

Edit: Oh, and some equipment:

-Hofner electric guitar
-Fender super twin reverb
-Ibanez AD-9
-EH Big Muff (russian green)
-Ibanez UE-303B analog multi FX

-Fender precision '57 reissue
-EBS Multicomp
-Marshall JCM 800 bass series
-EBS 410 cabinet

-Philips philicorda (if i remember correctly)

Drums I don't know... Perhaps there aren't many drummers here anyway;-)

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