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Not the usual GP fare, but WTF....



This was put together by my friend Angela Carole Brown. She invited me and a percussionist to her home studio to record an afternoon of improvisations with no particular destiny in mind, only based on moods she suggested.

This was one of them. It was a hard mood to sustain for 10 minutes...that I remember...

This is a custom Koll tele w/chambered mahogany body, TV Jones Filtertrons & bigsby, running through a rack with the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro, Boss GX-700 and Lexicon MPX550 (which now belongs to Jack Zucker) into my trusty VHT Pitbull 45

I know this is not your typical GP fare, but I'm tickled with what Angela came up with here


...wow...that was some insanely beautiful music and the collage was equalling compelling...really wonderful themes and playing, Ken! I'll be watching and listen to this a lot...


Oh jeeze, that was simply both exquisite & brilliant Ken ...
Was touched deeply by the combined effort, the complete production,
but most of all by this wonderful music you're making my good man ...

Thank you so much ,,,


Oh my... Wiping a tear or two away here...

Truly compelling... Kudos to Angela, Paul & yourself.

Proud to call you a friend. Thanks so much for the clip... Miss ya, dude.


Wonderful music... seems the touch really brings out the huge sound of the guitar here. Thanks for that, more of the unusual stuff, please!


Senior Member
The music and images form a beautiful tapestry... a true audio/visual treat for the soul! Thanks!


Thanks so much for the kind words everyone - yeah, Angela is a very special artist and really did a great job with that. She totally caught me by surprise with it.

I didn't really expect to cut through the 'blues shuffle with backing tracks' vibe, but I'm glad it found a few people here patient enough to give it ears (and eyes!). Trust me, I know - asking someone to sit still for ten minutes is a lot to ask...

RWE - I miss you too...and we'll talk soon...

ivers - yeah, that's a killer guitar. As a player, Saul Koll & TV Jones make your job a lot easier...

thewex - I've never been accused of a 'Gilmour feel' before...unless that's that thing you do on the bus that I keep getting restraining orders for....


Beautiful, Ken.
It's freaking difficult to do something like that and have it coming out so good....sounds simple, right?
Were the visuals complete when you recorded?

Best, Pete.


Beautiful, Ken.
It's freaking difficult to do something like that and have it coming out so good....sounds simple, right?
Were the visuals complete when you recorded?

Best, Pete.
No, the visuals were not even on the table then. Angela had me in the studio recording for another project and while I was there just had me improvise for a while. This is what she surprised me with a month later.
There was no 'goal' for any of this when I did it.

Yeah, sustaining something that sparse and developing it very slowly can be tricky. The first couple minutes are the hardest, because that's where you have to both lay out the 'material' you're improvising around, as well as the 'rate of development'. If both get off on the good foot then it's just a matter of 'playing through' on it.


Nice Ken, I really dug it.
Great sound!
A fine demonstration of developing ideas and holding back.



Just finished listening to it all the way through in one sitting finally. I tried several other times and was interrupted.

Very evocative! With so much space, it was easy for me to get in there amongst the tones and textures and wander around. I truly enjoyed the time I spent with the music and the visual art. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do that.

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