note for note recording software?

Hey there guys I was wondering if there is any software out there that can record guitar note for note? like i improv a lot and I want to be able to record and save some of the licks i come up with but I am afraid I am going to forget them, I was looking at buying Finale Student for a class, would this be capable of recording some things?

I prefer i think for some kind of saving in Tab form, but if music notation is all there is then that would have to do i guess

so is there such a program?


Recorder means it "records" what you play - that would be "note for note"... ALL recorders do this. As for notation, different programs do it in different ways - some will give you tabs in addition to standard notation etc.. In my experience notation software has been and can be finicky (especially when it comes to notating what you "thought" you played - i.e. it may not look like you thought it would, but it will be technically correct) but it get's better all the time. AFAIK Finale is somewhat of a "standard" regarding computer based notation software. Good Luck


If you mean software that will record your playing and automatically generate notation of it, I don't think there is, altho I may be unaware of it.

You could get a MIDI PU for your guitar, record that, and then generate notation from the MIDI files.

Scott Whigham

I always found that video was way better than notation. "Licks" can be so dependent on "where I am on the fretboard" that I always struggled with notation. A few years ago, I bought one of the iPhone stands and I like using it for recording video of the fretboard while I play:

Here's a stock photo of it in action:


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