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    Jun 30, 2014
    Got two new pedals in the post today and tried them with my fancy new rig and am very happy with both.

    I wanted a subtle to medium wash reverb that would sit in the mix nicely and compliment my Stereo WET - more ambient reverb. My main need was something that sounded like the old Fender reverb tanks, and the Flint delivers this nicely, along with a rather stunning 80's rack reverb sound too, which I'm finding I'm using the most, so far. The spring is there if I ever want that.


    Next up, I needed a change and have struggled to really love my Cornish OC-1 as much as I loved my Boss CS-2, so I moved it on and took a punt on the Effectrode PC-2A and wow! All I can say is that I've fallen in love with it already. Out of the box, it comes with the limiter switch upwards, but you turn that bad boy downwards and it delivers huge, fat and very tasty compression which is perfect for what I wanted it for. However, I still have the ability to dial in very subtle compression with the switch in the upward position. Very handy indeed. I cannot recommend this compressor enough, Effectrode say it's one of the best around and I'm finding it very hard to disagree. The tube makes everything sound sweeter.

    So I've been having fun with these three...

    And here's the rig...

    62' Tele with Bare Knuckle Flat 50's > Sonic Research Mini tuner > Effectrode PC-2A > Buffalo TD-X > Reeves Custom 50 > Cab out to Suhr Reactive Load > Strymon Flint > Two Notes Torpedo CAB with Redwirez 4x12 Hiwatt Fanes with SM57/Royer blend...sounds absolutely STUNNING!!!

    Also been trying out the compressor with the Muffroom Cloud and the Gunshot and wow, it's just awesome! Such great pedals!
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